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We do Raccoon Removal anywhere in Rhode Island  Raccoons are mischievous and can causes thousands of dollars of damage if left alone to occupy any attic or structure. Raccoons may look cute but should never be touched or be fed -like all wildlife. Raccoons are capable of carrying many zoonotic diseases like raccoon rabies, and raccoon roundworm [Baylisascaris procyonis, the raccoon parasite, is related to the canine roundworm Toxocara canis. It is found in the intestines of raccoons in North America]. We get raccoons out and keep raccoons out by capturing them with live traps  humanely.

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Do you hear noises in the attic?

loud scratching in your attic?

does it sound like an elephant is in your attic?

Are the vents destroyed or missing on your house?

Raccoons in your chimney?

Finding Raccoons Destroying Your Lawn  ?

Raccoons  in Your Attic? New England Wildlife  gets the raccoons out of your home. We do a thorough inspection and identify all entry and exits points the raccoons are using.  We seal up your home. RI baby raccoons in your attic? We may be able to evict the mother raccoon with the babies without even touching them. If the baby Raccoons seem to be alone in your attic, we will work with wildlife rehabilitators to get them to where they need to be! Do a complete raccoon proofing of your home, a total  exclusion and guarantee our labor.


Think you may need Attic Restoration Services in  Rhode Island ? Raccoons and humans should never cohabitate and raccoon feces can eventually end up being dangerous. We get the raccoons out, remove raccoon droppings or raccoon waste  . We also remove soiled attic insulation, treat , deodorize and sanitize your attic and replace the attic insulation and will help you with any claim with your own insurance company 

Learn more about Raccoons from Rhode Island DEM Website http://www.dem.ri.gov/programs/bnatres/fishwild/pdf/raccoons.pdf

A Public Health Announcement from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Infectious Diseases of Raccoons
Raccoons in the United States are known to carry infectious diseases that can be transmitted to humans
and animals that have contact with raccoons or their waste. Both young and mature raccoons can shed
viruses, bacteria and parasites that when exposed to humans and animals can result in infections and
disease. People should not handle raccoons or their waste without protection and appropriate training.

Raccoons expose humans to disease when handled or if there is exposure to bodily secretions or feces.
Saliva, urine, feces and bites or scratches are the most common routes of exposure. Contamination of the
environment and any materials used by the raccoons can also be a source. People who handle raccoons,
who are bitten, scratched or exposed to their waste, should be aware of the potential health hazards.

Any person who has handled a raccoon of any age should consult a physician immediately. Individuals
who have participated in the handling, care, feeding and cleaning of any raccoons should be evaluated
for exposure to the following diseases and be informed of all the potential human health risks caused by wildlife and raccoons.


• Rabies: Rabies is a virus that is spread by contact with the saliva of a rabid animal or by being
scratched or bitten by a rabid animal. Raccoons are one of the most common species to carry rabies.
• Baylisascaris procyonis: (Bay-lis-asc-aris) The Raccoon Ascarid or roundworm is a parasite of the
intestines of raccoons that sheds large numbers of eggs in the feces. Feces contaminated with eggs
can become infective to humans after 2-4 weeks of incubation. Exposure to feces during handling,
feeding and cleaning can cause a serious disease known as Visceral Larval Migrans and infection of
the central nervous system. Oral ingestion of infective stages of eggs is the primary route of
• Giardiasis: Giardia species is a microscopic protazoal infection that can be transmitted by a wide
variety of animals. Raccoons can carry this organism in their feces and contaminate water, soil and
surfaces. Humans can contract Giardia by ingestion of infective cysts from contaminated animals and
sources. Patients can develop severe gastrointestinal symptoms.
• Leptospirosis: Leptospira species is a bacterial infection that many animals and humans can
contract and transmit. There are several different species of Leptospira that are found in wildlife,
which is the primary source of contamination of the environment with these bacteria. Raccoons can
shed Leptospirosis in their urine and secretions. Exposure of these excretions to open wounds or
orally can cause infection to humans.
• Other Diseases: Other bacterial diseases (such as Salmonella or E. Coli), fungus and rare parasites
can also be a risk for illness in humans. People who handle, feed and clean up waste should be
aware of the potential health hazards and practice aggressive hygiene and sanitation to prevent
exposure of skin, eyes, mouth and body to infection. Physicians can assess individuals who may have
been exposed and recommend appropriate actions to prevent disease.

For more information on raccoons and their diseases please visit the Center for Disease Control and
Prevention website at www.cdc.gov and search under Raccoon Zoonosis or the specific disease name.
Please call the Office of the Rhode Island State Public Health Veterinarian at the Rhode Island
Department of Environmental Management, 401-222-2781, for other information.

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